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Friendly Ties by XxXxRedRosexXxX Friendly Ties :iconxxxxredrosexxxx:XxXxRedRosexXxX 2 0
Through It All Episode Two
Through It All...
Episode Two
Color Me Red
(( YuGiOh GX fanfiction))
Thank you for flying with us today...we will reach Duel Academy island shortly...
"Man, I can't believe I just barely made it in..." said Syrus who sat in the middle of Connar and Jaden.
Apparently somewhere along the lines the two boys met and became fast friends, and Connar barely she was too distracted by the dark haired boy who sat in back.
She spent most of her time with Princeton anyway...
And, you, Jay, I can't believe you faced off against faculty ad won!"
"Well what can I say?" laughed the goofy brunette,"I'm gonna be the next King Of Games after all!"
"Jeez, where do you get that confidence...?" Syrus sighed.
Connar saw that duel.
It was highly impressive.
It even had Princeton shaking in his boots with frustration...and she could tell right away that he wasn't too fond at all of Jaden Yuki...
We have reached our final destination...please take all personal belongings with you.
As they re
:iconxxxxredrosexxxx:XxXxRedRosexXxX 3 4
Color Me Red by XxXxRedRosexXxX Color Me Red :iconxxxxredrosexxxx:XxXxRedRosexXxX 7 9 Dawn of A New Era by XxXxRedRosexXxX Dawn of A New Era :iconxxxxredrosexxxx:XxXxRedRosexXxX 4 19
Through It All...Episode One
Through It All...
Episode One
Dawn Of A New Era
(( YuGiOh GX fanfiction))
"I don't know why you would choose to stat at the bottome with your credentials..." said the bearded man, Chancellor Shepperd, Chancellor and head master of Duel Academy, he seemed confused yet, still smiled warmly at her,"None the less we are honored to have expecting great things from you." he smiled,"He believes in you highly."
"I'll try not to disappoint." said the charming young youth before him.
"Very well." grinned the man,"Welcome to Duel Academy, Miss Rose."
"Thank you very much!" giggled the young girl with the utmost sweetness.
It was a new era now...
And her story began here.
"Connie!!" a wide, silver-eyes youth called out to her from afar through the petal glittered breeze of spring, waving his arm with glee."You made it in!!"
He giggled checking her out in her red uniform,"'re so lucky..." said the boy with a sigh,"What I would give to already be a student in the Ac
:iconxxxxredrosexxxx:XxXxRedRosexXxX 3 0
Tender-Heart Shipping Wallpaper by XxXxRedRosexXxX Tender-Heart Shipping Wallpaper :iconxxxxredrosexxxx:XxXxRedRosexXxX 2 6 Dark-LightShipping Kiss by XxXxRedRosexXxX Dark-LightShipping Kiss :iconxxxxredrosexxxx:XxXxRedRosexXxX 2 4 Under Her Eye by XxXxRedRosexXxX Under Her Eye :iconxxxxredrosexxxx:XxXxRedRosexXxX 5 7 Connar Rose Wallpaper by XxXxRedRosexXxX Connar Rose Wallpaper :iconxxxxredrosexxxx:XxXxRedRosexXxX 7 0 Connar wallpaper by XxXxRedRosexXxX Connar wallpaper :iconxxxxredrosexxxx:XxXxRedRosexXxX 4 0 TenderHeartShipping Wallpaper by XxXxRedRosexXxX TenderHeartShipping Wallpaper :iconxxxxredrosexxxx:XxXxRedRosexXxX 2 5 Connar Rose Wallpaper by XxXxRedRosexXxX Connar Rose Wallpaper :iconxxxxredrosexxxx:XxXxRedRosexXxX 2 0 Tender-HeartShipping by XxXxRedRosexXxX Tender-HeartShipping :iconxxxxredrosexxxx:XxXxRedRosexXxX 4 28
~Feelings Forming~
~Feelings Forming~
~A Dark-LightShipping Story~
(( A YuGiOh fanfiction))
He showed up at the club last night...
And he's here tonight...again.
He always seems to...capture my attention.
I'm not like many girls...
And he's different from normal guys.
He holds an Angelic glow on the outside...with a soul full of shadows.
I've never met another who knew a similar kind of lonliness as I did...
Looking at him, you would think...he is the way he is...
Just as I am the way I am.
He seems to be that type...with eyes like lock and my heart...opening the doors to my soul.
Always watching me...he never shifts his gaze...I see it at school too.
Is he judging me?
This sort of job isn't one common for a young girl like me...the scene itself is uneasy.
A girl with pure blue eyes...alluring, with long burgundy hair that flowed around her... in a showy outfit, eye catching at first glance absorbing the attention of the drunks at every table...with song.
Singing...bringing them a sire
:iconxxxxredrosexxxx:XxXxRedRosexXxX 2 1
Shizuka Wallpaper by XxXxRedRosexXxX Shizuka Wallpaper :iconxxxxredrosexxxx:XxXxRedRosexXxX 2 0 Blushing Akarii Wallpaper by XxXxRedRosexXxX Blushing Akarii Wallpaper :iconxxxxredrosexxxx:XxXxRedRosexXxX 3 0



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Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
My mom is a published author and also has an account here.
Feel free to meet her and learn about her book~:iconearthwitch74:

I...I don't have alot to say.I'm simple.I'm complicated.I'm open-hearted.And i'm open Minded.I am Deep...And I cry easily...I Love To draw...I love to write...I have been doing it all for half my life.
I draw My own Original manga and Characters as well as My yu-Gi-Oh OCs and I write poetry and SO MUCH Fan well as novels >.> Never finish em tho.
I love people...I hate Liars.I hate people who change their words...I hate people who copy someone else.
Just be You.
I'll like you then.
Because Only You can be the Best "You" ^_^
I want to meet you.Be real with me.I want to be your friend.I am friendly and I love to talk.
My dreams for the future?
Well Once Upon a time I wanted to be a Manga-ka...I still want to.
I have stopped drawing my manga because I lacked confidence in my ability of drawing and creating a good story...But I slowly have started up again.
what i want is To draw and write My manga and one day see it in a boxset series as an ANIME ^-^
as You may have guessed I AM an ANIME LOVER always have been always will be forever.
favorite Anime?Yu-Gi-Oh!
Forever and always...
I love the original and I LOVE 5Ds!( Crow Hogan Forever!:heart:) Not a "fangirl" I find that term offensive I like characters for their "character" not looks or whatever else crazy fangirls seem to squeal over...Annoying. I have seen other anime that I like as well.Wanna Talk Anime? Feel Free.
Anyway, so This Is Me.Now...Let Me Meet You.^_^
crow hogan Pictures, Images and Photoscrow hogan Pictures, Images and Photos
crow hogan Pictures, Images and Photos

I am working on an Enma Ai cosplay =/ Im planning on getting her school girl uniform I found one on the cheap. I already have a wig for her I need to rebrush it out...
I need help finding her contacts before the up coming cons....
If Anyone can help me find red contacts on the cheap for my Cosplay of Ai Id greatly appreciate it...
Also...Im trying to get more into the art of Cosplay So I may be making a DA page to show My Cosplays for you to see I only have one at the moment which is Kagome Higurashi but I plan on getting more involved so there will be more. =3
If and when I make this acc I will notify you.
For now...Please help me find red contacts for Ai ;A; Thank you =3
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And to get all this...Just need to start with 1. Im not picky on how many points I get infact idc if I get any...
I just wanna help ppl and friends merely out of the goodness of my heart = )

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